About Alice

In Alice's Pink Shoes - The diary of a girl

When I was a child I saw myself in the future as a wonderful lady, well-dressed, gentle and ambitious. My dream was always to have a happy family and to have the job that brings luck to my heart and to my soul. With every step I made from then on I worked on myself to reach this goals. I decided that I want to make people around me happy, to give them love and respect. The way I have chosen was not easy, to the contrary, every step I made was hard and I had to work a lot on myself, every single day. But I feel, that with every step I create my life more and more like a wonderful dream and that once I will brake out and look back to a wonderful life, to my life. I will look back to myself as a woman who lived a life with respect to others and to herself, a classy woman, a lovely woman.

Alice is the girl from next door. She has big dreams as everyone of us has. She feels, that there is always more in life. It is an impelling feeling that doesn't let her remain. She wants to see more of all the beauty in this world. Her taste for fashion is sophisticated and when she travels, she does it in a very pleasant and slow way. Alice wants to feel every moment from its fullest. For her, luxury is some kind of art and art should be treated respectfully. Her style is classy and extraordinary but never too much of something. Alice's everyday power she gets from nature, the fields, the forests, the water, the mountains, the sun, the moon. One of her biggest dreams is to live in a house like the Cullen's house in Twilight, surrounded by pines but with an amazing view over a lake or the sea.