The Chanel bag│update #1


Dear diary,

as I promised in July and some days ago to keep you current about the story of my desired CHANEL bag, I certainly keep my promise and tell you now the first news about this topic. As you can remember, I looked around about the right CHANEL bag this summer in the Munich CHANEL boutique and I didn’t hit pay dirt. One problem was the impolite sales assistant who tried to force me to buy a bag around 5000 Euro. Well, I know, that CHANEL bags usually are expensive like that and I also saved enough money for a wonderful and very expensive CHANEL bag. But the reason why I didn’t buy one at the Munich boutique is that I hate to be forced by anyone and because I know that the sales assistant get commission with every disposal, I want to decide who is getting a commission because of my purchase. At this point for me was evident that I want to spend my money somewhere else. Many years besides law school I worked as a sales assistant in the luxury branch and therefore I know how to treat customers. I have learned that the customer is always the king and he has to be treated politely and respectfully. The other aspect why I didn’t buy a CHANEL bag was, that I could guess that after publishing that thing with the CHANEL bag, many bloggers will buy one because of a current trend. And yes I was right, the blogger world was flooded with CHANEL bags the last few months. It is really crazy but it is fact. My plan from the beginning was to wait and to watch which bags the other people buy. I saw many different bags and now I know a little bit more which one I want to own and which one not. The third aspect was that the limited editions by now were not my taste. The summer edition for my taste was too colorful and the current limited winter edition is too trendy for me. I don’t like too trendy pieces. What I can say right now is, that I know where I want to buy my CHANEL bag. One hint is that it could be the boutique in Paris, but it also could be another boutique. I keep quiet for the moment. But the CHANEL bag story will be continued and I will write soon more details.

And because of today’s topic I thought that it would be a good idea to write a little CHANEL bag shopping guide for all the beautiful ladies out there who once want to buy such an exemplar.

  1. Don’t see it as a status symbol
    I often hear, read and recognize that blogger and people want to buy a CHANEL bag because they want to lift their social status with the bag. No, never ever do that and never ever believe that a bag will lift your social status. If you believe it, you will waste your money. First, a CHANEL bag should only be bought because the brand is totally your style and taste. Some women believe that they are now part of a certain society only because they own a CHANEL bag. Well, that is wrong. To be part of a certain society you have to do a lot more than only to buy a CHANEL bag. You are not part of the influencer society because of a bag, shoes, jewelry or whatever. You will be part of the influencer society if you do an excellent job and if you are authentic for 100%. For my opinion Aimee Song is a good example for an authentic blogger and influencer. She remains true her style and herself with every single post and photo.
  2. Only take your big love
    What I mean is that it is nonsense to compare many different CHANEL bags and then take out the one you would say that it fits you the best. A CHANEL bag has to be love at first sight and nothing else. It makes no sense to buy the bag for your birthday, celebration or any other event. We don’t find our big love at a special date, we find it when we don’t expect it. Save your money and visit many different boutiques. Only watch around. And at the moment you catch the right bag then buy it. Never feel under pressure to buy luxury items. Only do it because you really want it.
  3. Don’t buy it secondhand
    For this what I write now many people will hate me. Don’t buy your CHANEL bag secondhand. There are only a very few secondhand stores which sell CHANEL bags that are like unused bags. I know some secondhand stores in Switzerland where they sell pieces that are never worn before. But the problem about these stores is, that you have to be a very good client for over years or you have to wait for pieces that the very good clients don’t want to own.
  4. Buy a bag and a wallet at the same time 
    Well, we all know the situation when someone don’t have a wallet for his expensive luxury bag and this looks very strange. Buy a suitable wallet at the same time you buy the bag. It will be very expensive to spend around 6000 and 7000 Euro at one time to buy a bag and a wallet but why to hurry up. Buying a CHANEL bag is nothing we do every day. So let’s wait for the right moment. And the right moment can be in one, in two, in five or in ten years. Of course there are also some few CHANEL bags for around 3000 Euro but it is always better to save more money and then buy the one you really like and not the one that is one of the “cheapest” CHANEL bags.
  5. First acquaint yourself
    Last but not least the most important rule out of all. Acquaint yourself about the leather, the limited editions and the different collections. It’s a huge topic and after you know some more about the CHANEL bags in common you can make the right decision and buy your very beloved bag.









    • Liebe Jenny,
      ich kann mir sehr gut vorstellen, dass dir die verschiedenen roten Nagellacke von Chanel gut gefallen könnten 🙂 Verstehe es aber auch, wenn man sein Geld nicht für sowas ausgeben möchte. Ein paar teure Dinge sind schön, aber übertreiben würde ich es jetzt auch nicht wollen.
      Liebe Grüße

  1. Ein sehr interessanter Beitrag! Ich finde es spannend, dass du keine Second-Hand Taschen kaufen würdest. Ich finde, das gibt ihr das gewisse Etwas von Einzigartigkeit, da es dieses Modell womöglich nicht mehr gibt. Trotzdem würde ich mich bei meiner ersten Chanel-Tasche für eine neue entscheiden 🙂 Ganz liebe Grüße, Carmen –

    • Liebe Carmen,
      da hast du natürlich recht. Wenn ich ein ganz bestimmtes Modell haben wollte, das bereits ausverkauft ist, dann würde ich es natürlich auch second hand kaufen. Aber auch nur, wenn es so gut wie makellos ist.
      Ich denke, es ist wirklich Geschmacksache, aber bei mir ist es so, dass ich am meisten Freude an Sachen habe (gerade wenn sie so extrem teuer sind), wenn ich in die Boutique gehen, meine Tasche hübsch verpacken lassen kann und dann Zuhause ein absolut makelloses Exemplar habe. Mich können teilweise schon ganz kleine Kratzer an der Tasche wahnsinnig machen und gerade wenn man so ist wie ich, sollte man solche teuren Gegenstände nicht unbedingt gebraucht kaufen. Ich gehe mit meinen Sachen immer sehr vorsichtig um und bewahre sie sogar in der Originalverpackung auf, um solche Kratzer so gut wie möglich zu vermeiden und viele Jahre große Freude daran zu haben 🙂
      Liebe Grüße

  2. Liebe Alice, ich finde den Chanel-Shopping-Guide eine richtig tolle Idee!!
    Ich selbst habe nicht mitbekommen, dass Chanel wieder so in den Trend gekommen ist, aber ich verstehe Deine Liebe zu diesem besonderen Stück. Bei mir ist es eine Guess, ich liiebe sie und trage sie nur zu speziellen Anlässe wie beispielsweise meinem Schlussabschluss. Ich bin gespannt, für welches Modell Du dich entschieden hast und finde es super, dass Du dich von der unfreundlichen Verkäuferin nicht hast drängen lassen 😀
    Liebe Grüsse und hab einen schönen Adventssontag !!

    • Liebe Janine,
      ich danke dir herzlich für deinen Kommentar :-*
      Guess finde ich auch eine sehr schöne Marke. Ich besitze Sommersandalen von Guess und staune jedes Jahr immer wieder über die super Qualität!
      Ich bin selbst schon sehr gespannt, in welche Chanel Tasche ich mich verlieben werde 😀 Ja, da hast du recht, man sollte sich auf keinen Fall zu irgendeinem Kauf drängen lassen.
      Ich wünsche dir auch einen wundervollen 3. Advent, liebe Janine :-*

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